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Nick Trudel, Project Manager/Estimator at North Branch Construction

On average, it takes 22 different subcontractors to build a home: a fact either unknown or undaunting to a young Nick Trudel, who set out years ago with a $5,000 loan, bought some tools and went to work building his first house not a week later. Though born into the construction industry, the trades were …

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Rick Baron, Project Manager at Al Terry Plumbing & Heating

Rick Baron is a terrible bowler. It’s important for you to know that because, by the end of this article, you’ll be asking yourself if there’s anything he can’t do. His motley inventory of accomplishments includes organizing and assisting on four separate, short-term mission trips to serve impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic, selling over …

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Holley Thomas, Project Principal Quality Inspector at KBR

The sense of pride she earns by contributing to a building or a weld that holds up a 10,000-pound vessel provides Holley Thomas satisfaction in her chosen career.     Thomas became interested in welding in 2007 while earning a degree in robotics from Central Alabama Community College. She discovered that not only did she have a great talent for welding, …

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Sean Ray, Director of Craft Workforce Development at Sundt Construction, Inc.

From pipefitter’s helper to Director of Craft Workforce Development, the brotherhood — those connections made with co-workers — and pride in what he does makes construction a career of choice for Sean Ray.    Ray joined the military directly out of high school and served in the United States Navy as a sonar technician. In 1994, he …

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Dr. Mittie Cannon, Founder of POWER UP Inc.

Dr. Mittie Cannon’s undeniable passion and unwavering commitment to empowering young women in the industry is inspiring and has brought much recognition to the opportunities that exist in construction. Dr. Cannon creates these moments of brilliance when individuals realize the immense depth of the industry and the many pathways available for career success.  When Dr. Cannon graduated high school, she pursued a career …

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Boyd Worsham, President of NCCER

Starting as a carpenter apprentice and rising to president of an international company, Boyd Worsham embodies the enterprising spirit of the construction industry.     Worsham always knew he should be in construction because he liked to build things. The carpentry program at his high school solidified his desire to enter the industry. He was inspired by his 11th and 12th grade carpentry instructor, who taught him …