December 2018 - Discover More

construction site sunset

Holley Thomas, Project Principal Quality Inspector at KBR

The sense of pride she earns by contributing to a building or a weld that holds up a 10,000-pound vessel provides Holley Thomas satisfaction in her chosen career.     Thomas became interested in welding in 2007 while earning a degree in robotics from Central Alabama Community College. She discovered that not only did she have a great talent for welding, …

construction site sunset

Sean Ray, Director of Craft Workforce Development at Sundt Construction, Inc.

From pipefitter’s helper to Director of Craft Workforce Development, the brotherhood — those connections made with co-workers — and pride in what he does makes construction a career of choice for Sean Ray.    Ray joined the military directly out of high school and served in the United States Navy as a sonar technician. In 1994, he …