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About the Campaign


High demand. High salaries. High potential.

There’s an industry waiting for you to discover that offers endless possibilities, career advancement, lucrative positions and high demand. In fact, starting a career in this industry can be done with little-to-no debt and will provide extensive knowledge and high skills.

This industry just might be something you haven’t considered, and we invite you to discover the career opportunities in construction.

Craft professionals aren’t just building their careers. They are building their lives.

Discover the pride, the tradition and the legacy of construction.   

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About the Discover More Campaign

Discover More is part of Build Your Future (BYF), NCCER’s national image enhancement and recruitment initiative for the construction industry.

BYF’s mission is to:
  • Recruit the next generation of craft professionals.
  • Shift negative public perception about careers in construction.
  • Provide a path from ambition to training, to job placement as a craft professional.

BYF provides a number of resources to assist industry, education and military organizations in achieving these goals, such as discover.byf.org and byf.org.