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Maybe construction isn’t what you thought it was.

From our hospitals to our schools, from our stadiums to our churches, craft professionals lay the foundation of our society. Commercial, industrial and residential — construction makes our lives possible.

Take a second look at the world of construction

Current Builders
Miami, FL • 2018

TD Industries
Houston, Texas • 2010

KBR Services Building Group
Charlotte, North Carolina • 2010

Turner Industries
Geismar, LA

Woodstock, Maine • 2011

The Haskell Company
Alachua, Florida • 2011

Franklin/Robertson County, Texas

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Crossland Construction; Flintco, Inc.; Key Construction;
L.D. Kerns Contractors
Owasso, Oklahoma • 2010

TD Industries
Glendale, Arizona • 2006

Aguirre Roden Building Systems
Thackerville, OK • 2008

Woodstock, ME • 2018